Dyno Checklist

Dyno testing is much harder on a vehicle than simply driving it down the road. Any check engine lights/warning lights should be addressed before testing your car on the dyno. Every vehicle, including race cars, should be serviced regularly. Some simple service items to consider before putting your car on the dyno include: fresh, topped off fluids; proper tire pressure, and plenty of tire tread; service items such as filters and spark plugs; and at least half a tank of fuel. Making sure these issues are addressed will give you the best results from your dyno tests. Any problems that arise during the dyno usually incur additional fees. Remember that the dyno time clock does not stop until your car is officially unstrapped from the dyno. Rare situations can arise where we'll work with you for a fair deal involving how much time your car was on the dyno. We charge a two hour minimum on our dyno rentals and tuning sessions. This is non refundable no matter how long your car is actually on the dyno.

Dynamometers simulate real world racing conditions for your vehicle. The dyno will load the car up as if you were on a track. It is extremely important that your car is ready before your scheduled dyno appointment. You can almost gaurantee that if your car has problems, they will show up during your dyno session and will possibly incur additional fees. Any fluid leaks will incur additional cleanup fees. Here is a list of some things to consider before committing to a dyno session.

Checking all the thing in this list (if applicable) and also things specific to your vehicle will help ensure that your dyno session goes as smoothly as possible. Once you're ready, click the waiver button below and you'll be taken to our release of liability waiver that all dyno users must sign before your car can be strapped down. Feel free to give us a call if you have any additional concerns or questions.