Friday, February 21, 2020

Should you replace your timing belt?

Timing Belt Replacement

We all know it would be great to buy a vehicle and never have to worry about maintenance.  I'd like to take a moment to talk about the importance of a proper timing belt service.  Several common vehicles are equipped with timing belts.  In most cases, especially when buying a used vehicle your timing belt is almost due or even overdue for replacement.  Vehicle manufacturers have different specifications for replacement, some are as little as 60,000 miles, but most modern vehicles are 90,0000 miles and/or five years.  Remember that time is just as important as mileage.  Since timing belts contain materials that can eventually dry rot and crack it's important to keep an eye on its age.

Another thing worth noting is, a timing belt serviced is not just a simple belt swap.  Other parts associated with the timing belt are just as important.  Most timing belts drive your car's water pump.  There is also idler pulleys and tensioners which help keep the belt tight.  After the timing belt is removed there are a few seals that can easily be and SHOULD be replaced while the timing components are removed.  Doing this adds  the cost of parts and a small amount of labor.  If you choose to neglect these extra components it's a risk you take.  Those components are made of bearings, rubber/silicone, springs, and/or miniature gas struts (tensioners).  All of these components will fail in time.  This is why we recommend replacement at your normal timing belt interval.  Failure to do so could ruin your brand new timing belt, and even your engine.

Costs for a timing belt replacement varies due to several factors.  Most obvious factors are how much time it's estimated to take.  Other factors include engine size and the price of the parts.  Call us today for an estimate.  For an animated timing belt diagram click here.