Friday, February 21, 2020

High Performance

2 Wheel Drive and 4 Wheel Drive Dynos

In 2001, we purchased a new building behind our primary repair shop to house two in ground Mustang Chassis Dynamometers. The Mustang Dyno's provide state of the art testing and data logging capabilities for our customers.  Our dyno's along with our highly experienced staff can optimize your vehicles performance and economy after performance addons, computer upgrades, or just tuning your OEM setup.  We offer two wheel drive and all wheel drive dyno services.  We pride ourselves on having the best dyno's in the region.  We house both a MD-1750-RWD and a MD-500-AWD chassis dynos.  These dynamometers apply real world load conditions which allow us, and you, to see exactly what your engine is doing.  Our dynamometers allow us to read horse power and torque curves throughout the entire RPM range of your vehicle, combined with accurate Air/Fuel Ratio graphs, your car's tune will be safe and economic.

Dyno testing is much harder on a vehicle than simply driving it down the road.  Any check engine lights/warning lights should be addressed before testing your car on the dyno.  Every vehicle, including race cars, should be serviced regularly.  Some simple service items to consider before putting your car on the dyno include: fresh, topped off fluids; proper tire pressure, and plenty of tire tread; service items such as filters and spark plugs; and at least half a tank of fuel.  Making sure these issues are addressed will give you the best results from your dyno tests.  Dyno waiver form is available for download in our customer resources section at the bottom of the page.

Performance Tuning

We strive to have access to the best tuning options available for your car.  Each vehicle has its own specific needs on tuning software and chances are we can do it!  Give us a call and we'll be glad to go over what options are available, and help you find the best way for you to reach your performance goals.  If you don't purchase a tuning setup from us, you can still have our experienced tuner use your setup.  Our tuner is also experienced with AEM or Greddy piggyback and standalone setups.  Below you'll find a list of our more popular tuning setups with short descriptions of each.  We also offer open source tuning for a small number of import vehicles through a Tactrix cable.  You can bring your own or rent ours for the duration of your custom tune.

APR Software

We are the regional distributor for APR products.  Check the APR website for pricing information and performance charts.  They have great sale packages available throughout the year, so keep checking.  We can flash all APR software in house in about an hour.  Call to set up an appointment.  APR software will usually cover most VW/Audi setups.  Other vehicles are covered.  Check their website for your application.

COBB Tuning

We are also a distributor for COBB tuning performance parts, access ports, and other accessories.  We usually have a couple of programmers in stock, so you can get one today without having to wait for shipping.  Feel free to call or stop by and pick one up today.  COBB Tuning started with Subaru and has slowly expanded out to several popular sport compact cars including Mitsubishi Lancer's, and other makes.  Visit their website for a full application guide to see if it fits your needs.

Diablo Sport

A recent addition to our arsenal of tuning options.  Diablo programmers and handheld tuners cover most all popular domestic applications.  Drop by their website to see if your vehicle needs one.  We keep a few of the handheld programmers in stock so call us to see if we have what you need.  Skip the shipping time and just stop by and pick one up yourself.

HP Tuners

While HP tuners isn't a handheld programmer it is a custom flashing software that covers most ALL GM vehicles.  Instead of purchasing a handheld programmer, our tuner custom writes a tune for your vehicle and overwrites your factory settings.  There isn't any programmers, extra wires, or downloading of pre-programmed tunes from a website.  This is one of our more popular options and is sometimes considered the BEST way to tune or modify your GM vehicle.

SCT Performance

SCT performance is a great option for most Ford applications.  They offer a handheld programmer with the ability to change between tunes.  They also offer the ability to tune minor modifications such as exhaust, intakes, and sometimes larger MAF sensors with just a few presses of a button.  A custom tune is the best option to maximize your performance and this tool will be a great option.  Check out their website and you'll see they probably offer a solution to meet your needs.