Friday, February 21, 2020

Why Cheap Gas Costs You More.

Cheap Gas Doesn't Pay Off

You've put your vehicle through a pretty rough experience.  As gas prices climb, we all strive to find the cheapest fill up.  A side-effect of those cheap fill-ups is the constant strain that cheaper gas puts on the internal parts of our engine.  See, as WE look to cut OUR costs, such as those pesky fill-ups, so do the all the cheaper gas stations.  Usually the cheapest gas is; bottom of the barrel, lower than advertised octane, and just plain bad for our engines.  Extended use of the lower quality fuels causes unwanted sediments, additives, and even moisture to enter the fuel systems of our vehicles.  While you don't notice the difference your car's computer does.  As these lower quality fuels burn they leave an unwanted carbon buildup that slowly clogs the injection system your vehicle and cars computer works overtime to try and compensate.  Lower quality fuels can cause unburned fuel or other materials to enter the exhaust and cause premature catalytic converter failure.  Higher octane fuels helps ensure that ALL the fuel burns up in the combustion process of your engine for the most performance/economy possible.

We recommend using 93 octane fuel from Shell, BP, or Chevron.  The "Top 3" as I like to call them.  These companies strive to have the best consistency in their fuel.  Usually what's left after their supply is full gets sold to the lowest bidder, places like Thorton's, Speedway, and Kroger.  While it's important to not run out of gas, it's best to be as educated as possible when choosing your vehicles fuel.

93 Octane?  Really?  That stuff is WAY more expensive!  Well, not really.  We've noticed it's worth it.  In an average vehicle we see an average 5% increase in fuel economy.  While 5% doesn't quite offset the costs you pay at the pump, the cleanliness of your engine will.  Your car will continue to get the best gas mileage it can.  Also you'll save by not having to replace catalytic converters, and your engine will stay running as strong as always.  For Continue Reading please see our injection service article.

Click here for an animated picture of the combustion system of your car, and some other useful information.